Work on a house involves a high cost for whom the rush, but there are many methods to lower the price without sacrificing quality.

The housing reform is always a very strong financial outlay for the economy of almost any family. Although the work at home will always be a major expense, there are many ways to save amounts of money that can reach tens of thousands of euros.

Learn about grants

Before dealing with the reform, should visit the web pages relevant offices of the State or the autonomous region in which you reside for information about the aid that may be applicable. These subsidies can affect the whole or part, of reform, and more likely to exist in the case of wanting to improve the energy efficiency of the house, building security or if it is an old building.


Asking for help from an expert

If the proposed reform is simple (kitchen, flooring, etc) Will not need professional advice, but if the work requires demolition of partitions or openings, it is necessary, even mandatory, to have the help of a technician. Depending on the type you want to tackle reform, will require the signature of an architect, but otherwise worth the advice of a surveyor or an interior designer. In any case, appeal to popular will, of course, a saving in expenditure.

Request several quotes

Having decided what the reform is to be performed, it is time to ask for prices. At a time of crisis like the present, construction companies and unions will compete on fees. It’s a matter of finding those that offer better value for money. At this point, you should know what is the benefit industrial construction company, the money they charge as extra income apart from the costs of the work themselves. This amount can vary between 7% and 15%, approximately, and is one of the points of negotiation with the company. Of course it is not always necessary to hire a construction firm.

Is it necessary to hire a construction company?

Builders are responsible for coordinating the various guilds that run the site (masons, electricians, plumbers, etc), And charge a premium for it. In the event that we can coordinate ourselves that work, or do not need a large number of unions, we can ignore the hiring of a construction, thus saving a significant amount of money. However, in works of a certain magnitude (demolition, masonry , plumbing , electrical and drywall) should have a coordinator, if not an expert on the subject. Another option to save in this area would be mixed, hiring a number of items with the builder and leave others out. Laying parquet, carpets , interior joinery (wardrobes and doors ) or aspects of decoration are items that can be performed without difficulty without the help of a builder.

Buy and recycling of materials

The housing reform will require the purchase of many materials. If the builder who buys, assigned the industrial profit, but if the customer wants it done, save costs. In this regard, the assistance of known members of specific associations can help us find the best rate without going through the builder.It may also be that some elements already in the house could be used to the new project. The sanitary bath, for example, can be reused if they are not destroyed in the demolition phase and does not have a special interest in change.

Optimize energy consumption of new housing

Once it was decided to undertake the work, it is highly optimized housing for low energy consumption. This will save not instantaneous, but a considerable future. Thus, the insulation of the floor and ceiling, window placement and electrical insulation of low save for years to reduce energy bills and heating. In addition, these measures can be subsidized at the stage of work. In short, there are thousands of dollars in savings waiting for who knows work them. It’s all about knowing where to look.