Are you lucky enough to have a house with a pool? Then this article interests you. Here are some recommendations for saving water in the pool this summer. Not only will you stop spending good money, but also the environment wills thank you and much! Remember that water is a precious commodity.

pool this summer

We may not yet have officially entered the summer, but for practical purposes, we are already living in a hot summer where the high temperatures do not give us a truce. In addition, to combat them, any method is good. Especially to take a refreshing dips if you have a swimming pool at home. That yes, without prejudice to the ecosystem. Today we tell you some suggestions so you can save water in the pool this summer.

You do not need to make big investments to make your pool, big or small, effective and sustainable in terms of saving water. Do not think you have to change systems that clean and purify water, no. You just need to make some adjustments. Keep reading and you will find that it is not so difficult to save water in the pool.

How to save water in the pool

You may not have prepared your pool yet to start enjoying it this season. However, it is already very hot in much of the country not to say at all. The fact is that, before finalizing it, it is advisable to check some things in order to spend as little water as possible. Some repairs will be needed as well as certain modifications that will help keep the water much cleaner for longer. Keep these suggestions in mind before filling your pool.

You have your pool empty after winter. It is time to give a good overview and see if there is any leakage, through which the water can be filtered. Repairing these flaws is critical if you do not want to splurge the liquid element. It seems that if it is a question of a few drops is not important, and nothing further from reality. A few drops that are lost steadily and maintained over time can mean liters and liters.

Choose an effective system to keep the water clean

If you choose an effective method to disinfect the water and keep it in perfect condition, you will have to empty your pool much less, with the resulting savings. In fact, products exist that allow using the water of the swimming pool until six years without having to change it.

One of these products is salt. This is not common salt, of course, but a saline chlorination specific for swimming pools. In addition to keeping the water clean for five or six years more than enough time it leaves the water free of chemicals. In this way, it does not irritate the skin or the eyes, making the bathroom very pleasant. Since you do not have to change the cleaning system or the chlorine accessories to use the salt, you do not have to make any initial investment.

Another very effective and less aggressive way to clean and maintain pool water is to replace chlorine with active oxygen. It is a completely harmless product, which is odorless and which makes the water stand in exceptional condition. Forget about red eyes and skin irritations after bathing in the pool. In addition, active oxygen is fully compatible with the chemical systems and treatments you need in your pool: Alcibiades to prevent algae proliferation, water pH neutralizers if you need to, etc. You can keep your pool water clean for about three years.