When is it necessary to replace your roof and when is the best time for a roof renovation? Sooner or later, every homeowner will be faced with this question. We’ll tell you what signs you should look out for in any case, which season is best for a roof renovation, and when you should hire a roof repair company

When is a roof renovation necessary?

There is no specific answer to when precisely a roof needs to be renovated or even replaced. Age can provide the first clue. The material of the roofing plays a significant role here. For example, a roof with clay roof tiles, the high-quality roof tiles from BMI Braas, has an average life expectancy of up to 80 years.

At this point, you should hire a roofer or carpenter at the latest and have your roof and roof truss carefully examined. Depending on the type of construction and the load, a roof covered with concrete roof tiles will last around 40 years. For safety reasons, you should replace your roof if it contains asbestos. The harmful material is not easy to identify. Therefore, if you have a house built before 1993, seek advice from an experienced roofer or carpenter. 

roof renovation

Signs it’s time to replace your roof 

In addition to age, other important factors influence the life of a roof. Therefore, pay attention to minor signs, and if you are unsure, have them checked by a roofer in your area. At the latest, when your roof no longer fulfills its tasks sufficiently and poses a threat to residents and others, the time has come for a roof renovation. 

1. Weather protection 

The most important task of a roof is to protect you and your entire house from the weather. A stable roof covering is essential for this. Decide on a high-quality roof covering, for example, with the roof tiles or roof tiles from BMI Braas, and have them checked regularly by a roofer or carpenter.

So you can act on deficiencies before it’s too late. Loose or slipped roof tiles can pose a threat during a thunderstorm. Do not ignore such warning signs to delay a roof renovation. Besides, your roof must be optimally protected from roof avalanches even with large amounts of snow and prevent moisture from penetrating. Therefore, you should hire a roofer or carpenter to check whether your roof is winter proof, especially before winter. 

2. High heating costs

High heating costs, and still it is uncomfortably cold in winter? Your house does not store the heat generated. Very often, this is due to the inadequate thermal insulation of the roof. With a renewed roof insulation, you can save energy costs and reduce heat loss by up to 75 percent. We will explain to you which is the best roof insulation in our guide article. 

3. Moisture in the roof structure

At the latest, when you notice damp or rotten areas on the roof structure during the inspection of your attic, you should act quickly and contact a roofer or carpenter for an inspection. Moisture quickly penetrates the roof structure through leaks and makes it ailing. Without a roof renovation, stability can no longer be guaranteed. Dampness in the roof structure can also lead to dangerous mold growth

Keep A Paper Trail

It is always wise to check your records when the roof was installed and how long it is expected to serve you. The material your roof is made from determines how long it is going to serve you. Having this kind of information about your roof ensures that you can plan in advance and not necessarily wait to repair your roof when it is too late.


Your roof showing signs of damage does not necessarily mean you get a new roof. Repairs are perfect for roofs that were installed within a period of 15 – 20 years. If you are not sure of what will suit your roof best, it is always good to hire a roofing contractor and licensed for that matter.