Garden fans: This summer transform the new trends shaping our garden into a green oasis. And who spends his holiday at home this year can thus bring home a piece of the same south. So, no need to blow this year tribulation when no leave to distant climes as they do who transformed his garden with a few tricks to the holiday paradise would, in the next year clearly reside on the back “Dahamas” and relax. This is how it works:

Sometimes less is more therefore also shows a trend of reduced and with geometric shapes. Heck figures, such as pyramid, sphere, or asymmetrical shapes as design elements play a major role this season. The main thing the woods instead of getting a pet form of a strictly geometrical optics. For this purpose be also gladly integrates elements made of metal (arbor, chairs and table) instead of wood into the garden. Clear definitions of gravel surfaces and tone on tone-setting additional plantings elegant accents.


Oriental garden design made easy

XXL holiday flair conjures an Oriental garden design! The dream of a thousand and one night in your own garden not only provides an unforgettable eye-catching, but also for a priceless outdoor relaxation area. The oriental garden in warm colors, water features, lush decor, sand instead of grass and a big tent with lots of padding material, invites you to “vacation” field.

Romantic it is also a summer garden: from Flower to the seating, the entire garden design presented in the elegant non-white. There are also elements of cloth such as sail cloth for shade or eye protection in the middle of the countryside and you have the romantic “spot of green” for sleepy garden owners. Tone on tone in the flower bed is not just “in”, but adds a large dose of style to any garden and a little of the sense of an orderly, manageable oasis. And who likes to have a touch of south in his garden, designed in a Tuscan garden: Many brick and sandstone, warm colors and ancient olive trees distant climes bring home. Terracotta-pots, huge oleander and clay pot shards adorn into flowers flowerbeds domestic gardens also in this year again once entirely Tuscany like. This should quiet a bit messy, overgrown go pure romance.

Hedgerows, not just a privacy

For a real “eye-catcher” ensures the garden window. To enjoy a beautiful view, despite hedge or can not be shielded from the neighbors, just a window is cut into the hedge. Sun evaporates too quickly, the feeling of hiding behind a green wall and brings a little “air” into the green. After all, a wonderful view is priceless . The beauty of his vacation at home!