With the spring season approaching, gardening DIY projects are becoming more and more popular. Everyone is happy that sunny and hot days are coming, so those wonderful moments with our loved ones in the backyard are something that we’re all expecting. Grilling, drinking coffee, playing games or reading books…sounds perfect?! It really is! But, if you want to accomplish the enjoyment, you have to create a cozy and chill atmosphere there. The best and most cherished way to do that is only to make it by yourself! When you need a help, we’re always here for you and this time it’s the same. Believe it or not, we’ve covered you with transform your garden into relaxation area. Check out our list and we’re sure that you would like all our suggestions to become a part of your garden!

Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa Reveal


Every backyard deserves a place where you can seat and enjoy the environment around you. That’s the main reason why you need a pallet wood outdoor sofa like the one in the picture above. Comfortable and cute, it’s surely something you must have it!

Relaxation DIY Chaise Lounge


Relaxation in your own chaise lounge is the best possible solution for you to end up your busy and stressful day on work. It’s an easy project that can be made during the weekend and there is always a possibility to adapt the size, which means that you can make it bigger, so it’ll fit 2 people instead of one!

DIY Colorful Vertical Garden On A Fence

As a flower-lover, we know that you firmly believe that your beautiful plants need a great display. So, why don’t you make a DIY colorful vertical garden on a fence by yourself?! This way you will relax in your backyard with a view of fresh, aromatic and nice flowers!

DIY Outdoor Cabana

Create a cozy and private atmosphere in your garden by making DIY outdoor cabana on your own. All you need is a lot of time and effort, but you and your family will love the end result, that’s for sure!

Beach Bar Project

Having a beach bar in your backyard is maybe the coolest thing in the world. Perfect for having fun with your friends and sharing great memories, this project is something that you should make by yourself. It’s challenging, especially if you’re a beginner in crafting, but with a little effort you can make your wishes come true!

DIY Pallet Daybed

It was proven many times before that old pallets can be very useful and practical. Now, it’s the same, because you can build a comfortable furniture for sleeping outside, which is called a daybed, by using some old pallet that is taking dust in your basement!

DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen and Subway Tile Planter Boxes

It’s well-known that privacy means a lot for all of you, especially if you’re living close to your neighbors. That problem can be easily solved if you start making a project known as a DIY outdoor privacy display and channel tile planter boxes. You only have ,,to invest” in some old closet doors and by creating it you’ll get a place to relax in front of your flowers.

DIY Backyard Pergola

DIY backyard pergola is a construction that won’t protect you from sun and rain, but we assure you that will make your garden more attractive and more relaxed place. The good thing is that you can hang some flowers and plants on it, which will embellish your outdoor space even more!

Tea Pot Fountain Instructions

If you’re living in a house, then you must be interested in making fountains for your garden, because they look very elegant and modern. Here is a project that will show you how to make a tea pot fountain on your own. Click here for more information and instructions!