Curtains play a vital role in decor, they are the starting point for decoration or they have been chosen to complete. Shimmering, transparent, opaque, satin. Regardless of their style, they are a great way to give new life to a room without spending a fortune. To dress a window in standard dimensions, there are a multitude of models ready to install. However, the tailoring offers interesting flexibility regarding the choice of materials, colors and styles to meet specific needs. It is also necessary when the window size does not match the standards. To hide the defects of a wall or to hide a door locked, the curtains are again a miracle solution. To vary the cladding traditional rail panels are becoming increasingly popular. They’ve been perfect to dress French doors, shelves or conceal establish a division in a large space. Regarding textures, colors and patterns, there are many options of decorative styles. Before finalizing your decision, ask yourself these questions: What are your needs? Where the curtains will be installed? What effect are you looking for? What is your budget? Thus, it will be easier to make a wise choice.

Some examples

Create balance

The curtains are also used as decoration for practical reasons. For example, to restore the balance between the small windows and the imposing mass of the wall, just add curtains that cover the entire surface of the wall. Place on a rod or on a regular wire rope tensioned side part.


Delusions of grandeur

Curtains can create the impression that a window is larger than it actually is. To do so, installing two panels on each side of the window, in exceeding the limits of the frame.

Merely aesthetic

Another emerging trend is the use of half a rod to embellish one side of the window, allowing light to pass while adding a touch of color.