In recent years, the traditional cuisine has evolved worthy of the Quiet Revolution. Increasingly, European trends prevail over the North American traditions. The drawers are replacing traditional doors, as under the counter in the pantry. Finishes, colors, lighting and transform your life easier.

The materials

If melamine is the preferred choice of consumers for a first kitchen cabinet doors Solid wood remains a wise choice. Okay, they are more expensive, but they increase your property value at resale. If you opt for other materials, several options available to you. The veneers, which give the look of wood without investing considerable sums; thermoplastics available in many finishes and colors, amalgam of materials, including melamine and stainless steel, ceramics (on the counter and back splash) glass and Plexiglas are popular. Faced with a multitude of choices, you may need to consult experts, designers, decorating magazines, or even your carbon decoration-renovation favorite on Canal Vie to find the style that suits your needs and your environment.

kitchen- cabinets

The colors and finishes

Did you know that the time of year where you choose the color of your new kitchen will influence its final shape? Often, a consumer who adopt its choices in the fall or winter will opt for warmer tones, while those who choose to upgrade their kitchen during the summer will choose lighter colors. According to several experts, the outside light would influence the final decision. Surprised? Half of consumers opting for a matte finishes, easier to clean. Choose other finishes pearl, semi-gloss or gloss. There are personal preferences that influence this decision.

The revolution of the storage

The revolution of the kitchen is based on storage. We all, at one time or another, drops a cauldron in trying out another. What a useless noise! Yet the solution is within our reach: the storage drawers. popular with Europeans! These drawers fit under counters and advantageously replace traditional doors. You save space and eliminate definitively the hard to reach places. You only have to look to access a particular tool, but it, you already do! There are also multiple systems that allow you to store your kitchen utensils. Again, convenience is still the mantra of manufacturers. Your drawer will host more parts with options very clever. Doors that open up also facilitate access to the contents of your cabinets.

But the ultimate new trends remains systems open and close electrical. A touch of a finger lets you open and close drawers and cabinet doors silently, without any effort. That this is an improvement that will please one and all! More drawer slamming, more utensils scattered due to a sudden movement. Everything remains in its place. These same systems are available for the pantry. In addition to facilitating access to various products, they provide a greater storage capacity with many options. And you will not have to move some items to get access to the other: everything is accessible! Doors, cabinets above, offer the same features opening and closing silently. Guaranteed access, total silence: what more?

The lighting revolution

The era of fluorescent under counter is over. With halogen bulbs, smaller and brighter, the work surface is better informed. No more gray areas. But we will soon see the demise of this type of lighting, yet not so old fashioned. The trend is very clear, and brilliantly. Systems of LED lights (Light-Emitting Diode) will soon replace our traditional systems. Brightest, they use less energy and have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. They offer a powerful white light, no blinding, and added to the overall ambience of the kitchen.


The traditional counters have less and less popular. For a second kitchen, consumers often opt for ceramic or granite. Finished sub-dishes! Some even set up a “butcher block” that can work directly on the surface without cutting board. Besides being beautiful, the new kitchen has to be convenient. You save time by spending less energy. Equipped with appropriate accessories and performance (mixer, pressure cooker, etc), Your next kitchen should make your job easier and increase your joy of cooking. Never forget that the kitchen remains the center of the universe of a family, a couple. They prepare the meals, the food. Sometimes it even becomes a place of physical closeness, or prelude to passionate embraces theater And you, how do you see your kitchen?