The growing use of technology and social media allows us to learn trends in interior decoration. The proposals offered by the Furniture Fair of Milan, show trends in decoration for 2018. It is one of the largest events of its kind worldwide. Trend in colors are warm colors, bronze, terracotta tones, shades of green and red, were in all rooms. As well as these are for furniture and decoration accessories.

trends in decoration 2018

Materials: wood remains the protagonist in terms of furniture. Furniture: One of the trends that continue to be important is the recycled decoration. Velvet as an innovative element came to stay, and in terms of not only curtains, but also cushions, sofas, can become the fashionable upholstery.

Kitchens:  Marble remains the preferred material for kitchens, with a more discreet appearance. Another proposal is the black kitchen, which offers a sophisticated and very contemporary look. Using metal and painted wood adding indoor plants increase a great contrast, very sophisticated. There are trends in cupboards with glass doors, and open shelves, to show the dishes, something very original and very innovative.

Rooms:  Variety of geometric designs, handmade glazed ceramics, colored vases. Fabric upholstery is still a big trend, soft sofas, with many filling, curved shapes, emphasizing comfort.

Bathrooms:  Wood remains the main element, for floors and coatings, generate warmth and beauty. It is a trend in terms of colors pastel shades, pale pink, yellow, water green, sky blue. From the tiles to the washbasins, they died in color to leave the monotony of the white.

The 2018 in terms of decoration has a focus on natural, ecological, natural materials, recyclable materials. Turning the terrace is a space to enjoy alone, in moments of leisure, or with guests is a great idea. Without spending a lot of money, letting the imagination fly and combining some elements with ingenuity, and good taste. We can take a lot of that place and turn it into a wonderful corner, not simply to accommodate junk or brooms.

Ideas to decorate your terrace

Sofa and cushions are essential: important furniture on the terrace if you have some space is the sofas. It is important to have a comfortable place to sit down to rest, or to read. If you have little space you can put cushions, use carpets, very good idea to decorate if you have a small space.

Artificial grass, plants and flowers: It is a fantastic option if you want to make a radical change to your terrace, you will turn it into a small garden. The green touch of plants and flowers cannot miss. You will change the appearance a lot with little money. Look for green leaf plants that help you cover spaces, interspersed with flowerpots, the result is incredible.

Recycling is your great ally: Objects that you no longer use can used to create decorative elements, such as pallets. It you can use as a table, or make old objects useful. In addition, vases that you do not use, you can turn them into a flower box filled with flowers.

Open terraces: It is a very cool place and fits what considered an exterior. the most appropriate in these cases is to add an awning, if it is windy, or rain, in addition to protecting our furniture.

Shading system: Sunbathing is one of the main luxuries of those who have a terrace. You have to add the necessary shade. The systems varied for all tastes, and costs. From standing umbrellas, awnings roofs of hurdle, pergolas. It is good to enjoy the sun, but take refuge in the shade and continue enjoying, when it is too strong to expose yourself to it.

Decorated tables: The table is a key element on the terrace; to decorate it you can place a rustic handmade tablecloth. If it is made of wood, you can add color with fresh flowers, or putting colored glasses as a decoration. All the ideas that you can think of, the ideal is to add color and life to that corner.