When setting up your own home, there are numerous possibilities.

The four walls are the place where you want to feel good. In this one spends a lot of time and there should find a place to relax. When it comes to furnishing their own homes there are really no restrictions – any way it likes. But trends can currently also in this direction.

The more colorful, the better

The time of white, gray or drab walls in another color are long gone. Meanwhile color accents are on the walls. The colors are often very flashy and thus put on the classic furniture. Murals are also currently in vogue. These limitations are even lower, because they are available in various patterns, colors and shapes. Whether striped, spotted or in a totally unusual pattern – in your own home is one’s own master.

Classic and chic

With respect to the furniture, the trend is more towards classic. Classic white furniture are as trendy. Moreover, it depends on the right combination. Also a classic piece of furniture and a more modern version can be combined, as the combination possibilities are enormous. Adding to this are the now numerous on the internet to place furniture shops. Under http://www.home24.de/ as there are many different pieces of furniture and decorative options that can help beautify the four walls.


Less is more

Past, people often put a lot of furniture in a small room. That has changed – it is now more likely the motto less is more. Individual pieces of furniture make a room not only look alike somewhat larger, but let the inhabitants of the respective premises also significantly more leeway. More space means more ways to deal with a matching decoration to create a visually harmonious room concept.

Decoration is the alpha and omega

Furniture and color accents on the walls are one thing, decoration is the other, the one room missed a certain atmosphere. These can be chosen in the same color as the walls, or just as an accent to the wall design serve. Also there is a rule, less is more. Full Asked rooms are definitely a thing of the past and appear anything but convincing – both on the residents themselves as well as for visitors.

Own premises, make according to your own taste, can be a lot of fun and what makes your own home the place where you happen to prefer. Better living now anyone can, because there are no boundaries and the selection is great!