London is a fashionable place. The streets of London are filled with beautiful people, eagerly searching out the latest trends in fashion, design and lifestyle. And behind closed doors, London homes are equally as stylish. If you want to know exactly what’s hot and current in kitchen design, London homes are the place to look. For example, current trends in worktops are helping enhance the attractiveness and functionality of kitchens. Different styles of worktops help to create the illusion of space, boost light, and make it easier to cook and clean in the kitchen. Here are a few of the trends you can use in your own home.Kitchen WorktopsMixed and Matched Surface Depths

One practical trend in kitchen worktops that also has an important functional effect is the practice of mixing and matching the thickness and depth of different work surfaces. Slim surfaces are used for certain work areas while thicker, chunkier counter tops are integrated into the kitchen design to create contrast and interest. Give islands an extra-deep surface, while maintaining a streamlined look on the worktops surrounding the sink and cooker. The surfaces in the kitchen do not all need to be lined up, whether the kitchen is modern or traditional in style.

Different Materials Matter

Not only mixing and matching the depth of the surfaces, kitchen designers are increasingly mixing up the type of material used in the kitchen too. Different materials provide different textures, interesting effects, and take away the risk of a kitchen looking too much like it just came off the factory production line – the individual look is very popular in London kitchens. Natural stone is popular right now but it can be expensive. It helps to mix natural stones like granite or marble with cheaper materials like wood to keep the budget under control. Take a look at the range of different materials available and be inspired by what you see. When looking for granite worktops London has a lot to offer, for example.

Contemporary Quartz

Quartz has always been popular but it has experienced a revival in recent months. The features of quartz make it perfect for modern kitchens. For example, the high-gloss finish works well with handle-less cabinets, and the cool, crisp look reflects light around a contemporary space. Quartz also works well in more old-fashioned kitchens. It rests well with neutral tones, wood, and natural timber. Quartz is available in a range of tones – white quartz and pink quartz are particularly on trend right now.

Variations in Height

A range of different heights for the work surfaces creates an interesting visual contrast in the kitchen. High breakfast bars make an impact next to lower counters for preparing food. Make sure you have the correct heights for different tasks as it will hurt your back to work too low down. Consider the correct material for the worktops of different heights. A shiny glass surface may be better for a higher level, while lower worktops for cutting food and preparing food require granite or another tough stone.