To white porcelain decorate tablecloths, candles and Christmas balls in the trendy colors of purple, silver or bronze.

During the Christmas holidays, the Joint Meeting including the family a major priority. Not only does it for a long time about breaking your head, what should we come to Gaumenschmause on the plate, and the right atmosphere should prevail when eating. This naturally includes the right table decorations. What you can score points and what decorating ideas you’d better keep away, you will learn in this article.

The choice of the dishes

The table decorations at Christmas starts with the choice of dishes. As a basic rule to remember is that the dishes should be best colored to have the greatest potential for the further table decoration. If the dishes but should have a pattern, it is advisable to keep the other table decorations very simple. Most advantageous for the selection of the dishes at Christmas, to use the best of what you have. Popular is mostly white porcelain. The advantage is obvious: It not only looks very elegant, but leaves you with further decoration virtually free hand in terms of the additional color selection.


Which tablecloth is appropriate?

When choosing the tablecloth there is one important rule: Do not use cheesy themes, such as angels, moose, or even Santa Claus. It restricts the incredible not only for the further decoration, it seems not very elegant. Do you have children sit at the table who would be happy about such subjects, then cover for this but a few napkins with Christmas motifs. It is best to opt for a dark tablecloth, for example, in dark blue or purple and bright place to have runners in white, silver or beige.

The trendy colors : purple, bronze and silver

Before the current trend colors are investigated in detail, it is easier to say what colors are rather inappropriate for a Christmas table decoration, namely pink and orange. Announced, however, are mainly the already mentioned lilac, silver and bronze. The classic decor in burgundy paired with silver or white, of course, is never wrong. The golden one or other element is entirely desirable. Tip: The best way to decorate in the colors that dominate even with your other Christmas decorations. Limit yourself to two colors here, not more than three.

For more decorating ideas

In addition to tableware, tablecloth, napkins and of course the right colors, you should also think about other decorative elements to make the dinner table. Never miss may of course candles, either singly distributed to the board or in the middle in the form of a beautiful flower arrangement Advent. Even small Christmas balls that they can deploy anywhere on the table, provide a festive atmosphere.