In modern houses the living spaces are getting smaller and you need to not only better organize environments but create optical illusions that create at least visually larger environments . The small rooms, need the right decorations and the right design for not appearing small and stuffy. There are several tricks to follow to make a larger room and following this guide will succeed for sure you also have a home more comfortable and welcoming.

larger room

The living room, for example, is the room for excellence dedicated to welcome the guests and then must seem always hospitable and large. If you still have to lay the flooring you opt for tile or hardwood from very light colors (white oak, marble, etc.) and delicate. In fact, a strong staining too well suited only to very spacious and well lit by natural light. Paint the walls with very light colors already helps to have the illusion that the room is larger than it really is by increasing the height and width. As for the furniture to choose from, it is appropriate to buy the one sliding door that has a smaller footprint. Furthermore, all the furniture must have the same shade of white color to create a homogenous effect.

Should prefer a single large cabinet that fulfills various functions at the same time that a separate small furniture. Better to choose a door that television has a built-in library and a set of drawers to store comfortably what you prefer. The carpets are excluded as well as round tables and tents voluminous. For windows you can choose fabric blinds white or very light maximum cream they get to touch the floor. You can also opt for roller blinds, very comfortable and inexpensive purchased in large specialized centers.

With a clever use of mirrors placed one before the other you get an optical effect that greatly expands the space. But if you do not love them especially you can always hang on the walls a few pictures but big with the special protective glass. You will get a smaller effect of the previous but still help to increase the volume of the room especially if they depict scenes of seascapes or rural. Good lighting is essential, and so if you have very large windows used a good amount of lamps arranged both to the four sides of the room at the center of the ceiling.