If you own a house in the old table that just do not like the most or that you do not know how to match with the rest of the furniture and accessories of your apartment, do not throw it away and not rid of it. Your old coffee table, in fact, could turn into something very new, original and unusual. Have you ever thought, in fact, to be able to turn a small table in a comfortable chair , as a new and elegant for your living room? Well, here is a beautiful and useful guide that will help you discover how to turn an old coffee table in a comfortable chair and beautiful . It will be a creative, fast and easy, and will allow you to recycle an item that you no longer use so as to avoid spending more money for a new chair. Here is the project creative, imaginative and low cost you expected!

comfortable chair

Take an old and boring coffee table, preferably of wood and square, clean it and categorical eliminating any imperfections, like splinters, then color it and let it dry. At this point begins to imagine how to transform into a comfortable and elegant chair, a key element to implement this change the original structure are the pillows , to be placed at both sides, with the function of arms, and back, with the function of the backrest , and finally above the table, to make a soft and comfortable sitting.

To transform the old table in a comfortable chair , begins with the application and hold these pillows: you’ll need three planks of wood , one longer and wider, to the back, the other two, smaller, the same size, for the arms. Open the cover of the first cushion and insecticide inside the first tablet of wood that will be the back for your comfortable armchair: to attack this back to the table, use a screwdriver and screw the screws fixing the base of the axis to the edge of the old table of wood. Make sure that the screw head does not come out, but is firmly embedded and camouflaged.

Flip the old table and places the first armrest / pillow: even here enter into a wooden board and screw axis to the edge of the table. Repeat the same procedure on the other side, applying the second armrest / cushion. To verify that the plan is in the proper location on the edge of the table, helped with a hand, while with the other overpraise to screw. As far as the color effect, you should use the cushions to the arms of one color and one for the back of another.