The natural stone floor is always a wise choice. If you want something more original than the floor, here are some ideas and pictures that can help you decide. The stone is surely the oldest construction material. It has been used since prehistoric times and even today, centuries later remain a wise choice for indoors and outdoors. We give you the keys to choose the one that best suits your space.


Slate flooring

This is a tough, compact stone and dark color from green to dark gray and black. It has an opaque and matte result. This offers a lot of resistance and impermeability. It is an excellent insulator both water and cold. Its great feature is that it is very resistant to temperature changes. It is of high hardness and low water absorption. The can be found in smooth or rough texture and a wide range of colors shades of white, gray, pink or red. Perfect for rustic and outdoor floors and terraces or gardens.

If you live in a humid place, this is your best option. Thanks to the veins with counts is perfect for environments with humidity. Floors sandstone are corrosion resistant floors, wear and erosion and have an elegant matt appearance. Among all sandstone highlights the Teka sandstone has brown streaks and offers a look very modern wood and soils quartz pure (fire resistant and perfect for covering areas near the fireplace. Another option (you can do it yourself) is the river stone flooring. More suitable they are those of rolled singing light colors. They are perfect for creating spaces with an original and natural touch (both outdoors and indoors).

This material is formed by the consolidation of seashells. Therefore, they usually have light tones, but the contribution of small clay or minerals such as quartz, can change color and darken a little. Some of its features are the porosity and resistance to erosion. Its beauty is undeniable and the good thing is that the quality goes. It is used for both soils and for coating counter tops, sinks or decorative elements. Depending on the space where it will be placed, you can choose between its lighter shades to darker (white or cream) (green, red, brown or black.

If we talk about stone floors, in general maintenance you should follow is simple: just sweeping or vacuuming occasionally and mop the floor. However, sanded smooth surfaces or accumulate less waste and remain clean longer. If you want the color of the stone does not change with time, try cleaning fluids spilled on it as soon as possible, especially if it is oil or wine.

If you find a persistent stain on the floor, the best ally is alcohol. Take a bit of pure alcohol on a rag preferably a lullaby and rub the stained area. Another trick if the slate floor has lost its natural luster over time, try. Mix some white spirit with a little boiled linseed oil Dampen a cloth with the mixture moistened only not wet and patiently pass over the entire surface.

If over the year’s notes that the marble floor has lost luster have some rayon or mark that does not go away test with the following advice. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all over the floor and then frugal the floor with a well drained and mop dampened with hot water. You will achieve restore the natural beauty of marble.