When the toilet is clogged you cannot do is put your hands in your hair? Do not despair, in most cases you do not need to call a plumber, because in this guide you will learn how to unclog your drain in less than five minutes. In addition, to avoid clogging the toilet, it is good to put into practice the little tricks that will describe shortly. Here are some tips on how to unclog a toilet clogged.

If the water once pulled this off rather than sealed in the cabinet, it is necessary to intervene. First, wait for the water to fall slowly, then pour into the cup a bit of vinegar (we do not take much) and a bucket of water pretty warm, not hot because it could ruin the ceramic toilet. The weight force, together with a decreasing effect of the hot water and vinegar may help to remove the plug. If this method does not work even repeating it a few times, go to the next method.


If you have access to a suction cup, attach it to the hole of the cup, let it be covered with water, and decided to act with movements up and down repeatedly. If the suction cup will apply a pressure sufficient to move the block, you will hear a noise and the water will start to flow, try at this point to pull the water, and if necessary, repeat the process with the suction cup until the lockout is removed altogether. In case you have not provided a suction cup may need to “get dirty” and use your hands to put on rolled-up rags in the exhaust causing them to adhere well to the walls and moving them up and down mo ‘sucker. Although it is rude, this could prove to be effective.

If the suction cup does not work, you can try to move the traffic jam with the help of a piece of iron suitable for the purpose. Can fit such as a clothes hanger, stromatolites until you get a stiff piece of wire long enough to fold up as a kind of hook at the end. Stick it in the hole of the toilet and try with repetitive motions to move the block, always pull the water to help the flow pipe. Alternatively, in the market, there are spring-loaded plunger that is better suited for this task as they allow you to reach deeper into the pipes.