The floor heating is no longer a novelty, of course, especially with regard to new constructions. To the restructuring there are still reserves that do not concern either the real efficiency of a type of heating of this type, nor the various techniques you can take to implement such a system, since all are now tested and perfectly able to satisfy every need. few doubts regarding resists rather the economic side, estimating approximately an additional cost of approximately 30% compared to a traditional heating system. Reason this, so it is easier to accept that you choose a floor heating system if it is incorporated into a prediction of the initial total expenditure, rather than during renovations, which may not include the resurfacing floors.

Taking, however, consider all the benefits, now certain, that the system offers, not only in the case of heating, but also cooling in the summer, you can certainly consider that those choices will be in the near future much more frequent. Indeed, if the initial expenditure is largely amortized over a reasonably short time thanks to the great tangible energy savings, increasing at the same time also the awareness of a choice that will contribute to a greater living comfort. Regardless of the fact that these systems do not require maintenance, as the pipes are free of welds and joints pretty much guaranteed for life by manufacturers. should not be underestimated, however, is the’ isolation, during the construction of the plant, the whole environment, in particular of the floors, to optimize the yield of the plant itself, which is related to the temperature difference between the floor surface and air temperature. AW Electrical stocks a range of electrical supplies for underfloor heating installation and repairs.


Radiant panel floor benefits at a glance

– Floor heating system with modular panels of fiber board having a thickness of 18 mm and milled slots for housing tubes;
– Chamber of polyethylene pipes with oxygen barrier 12 x 1.3 mm
– Very low height, it is particularly suitable for applications in old buildings and renovations;
– Insulation below the structure chosen by the customer, depending on the availability of space;
– High resistance to wear of the surface installation;
– Possibility of laying of tiles therefore particularly suitable for buildings of which should not penetrate the moisture
– No waiting in case of using dry screed, because there is no need for heating preparatory to the covering;
– It is not necessary to adjust the heating circuits in the joints of the screed;
– You can tile directly on the panel, permissible load 2.0 kN/m2;
– And ‘possible to lay carpet or wood floors without Astra Control ; Distance laying 100 mm – System Security DIN approved .

Other companies to consider for installations with radiant panels, are the Uponor and Velta, the first with the system to preformed panels Minitec, the second with the system Velta Heat which has as its characteristic the fact of having a wire mesh for anchoring the pipes. This network has spacer feet to keep the tubes raised with respect to the plane insulator, so that the screed fully engulfing them, for greater heat exchange surface.