Your home should be a reflection of your personality. All too often we are caught up with fashions and trends. This means that we end up creating something will think other people will like, rather than concentrating on our own likes. There is nothing wrong with following fashion and trends, but it can be exciting to think outside of the box.

Fairy Lights for Inside the Home
Fairy lights are popular for outdoors because they can light up an area nicely. If you’re sitting outside on your patio then you probably don’t want bright lights disturbing you. By using fairy lights you can subtle light but also something that looks fantastic. When you consider that fairy lights can be so useful outside of the home, it makes sense to use them inside too. For a bedroom they can be a lovely addition but they really give a feeling of being comfortable and cosy. That said, there is nothing wrong with getting these fitted anywhere in your home – the choice is yours.

Fairy Lights
Photo with thanks from Flickr

TVs for Outside of the Home
Whilst fairy lights might be popular outside of the home; most of us wouldn’t consider giving our TV the same treatment. However, if you invest in the right products then having a TV in your garden can really work well. It is recommended that you use an outdoor TV enclosure by The TV Shield as this can help to ensure that your TV is not ruined by bad weather. What is not recommended is that you just carry your TV from inside the home into the garden and hope for the best.


home furniturePhoto with thanks from Flickr

Unusual Seating
Seating is something that we all have to buy for our home, but we could be more adventurous with it. There are some practical ideas that work – chairs that fold away to be stored under tables and sofas with built-in storage areas for example. That said, you can be really wild and whacky too. Bright colored furniture works well as does seating with unusual shapes. As long as you have enough seating for people to sit comfortably the rest is up to you.

Decoration Ideas
There are loads of style ideas out there, so you can really create almost anything that you want for your own home. The best thing you can do is spend a little time researching different ideas until you find something that matches exactly what you like. In fact, you could even get in an interior designer if you want things done by a professional. That said, getting creative and putting together your own ideas can be fun. Just test out colors and materials together before you go ahead so that when you spend all that money creating it, it’s something that you are happy with.

If you want a traditional looking home then that is fine but there is also nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box. So, think about how you would like your home or garden and then set about creating something perfect for you – after all, you are the person who is going to be spending time there.