A fiber cement sheet for covering a bathroom counter, is this a good idea? That’s the question that I answer “Hello Alain! Is it possible to make a counter bathroom by covering a plywood against a sheet of fiber cement, and applying a clear sealer to facilitate any maintenance? I find little info on the subject and hardware stores do not have to give me suggestions. And could you please give me the size (thickness and grade of cement)? Thank you in advance! on your achievements at low cost, but that still amaze us.”

Hello Martin,

It is not recommended to use fiber cement to make a kitchen counter top or bathroom. This is a material that can be used as siding or as a preparation in a wall where you will install ceramic, but not as a trading because it is not designed for this purpose. What you want to have as a product look more like concrete. There is a new trend in counter tops that is made with concrete and gives super nice results, but I would not advise you to experiment to create a semblance of cement counter tops with a product that should any Just not this kind of application.


I often use products for other purposes for which they were designed, but in this case, it does not apply simply because the product will not respond and not react as a the counter should do is to say, be waterproof. If I can suggest something to replace this idea is to use the “Stone Effect” to cover your bathroom counter. You can find more articles similar items at the bottom of this column. It is a product that can be used with an epoxy finish and becomes highly impermeable and is available in several colors. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to buy a real concrete counter tops and having seen them , these are great counters. I urge you to go on the Internet and there are several manufacturers of concrete counter top products and what they offer is enough to make you dream!