The closet is one of those spaces in a home are of vital importance. Often is reserved for only a little corner or space that would otherwise be unusable, but it really is not big enough. In fact, in the closet going to put all those things we use every day to have them always at hand, and that otherwise would not have a better place in which to leave them (think vacuum cleaner). Over time, the utility also becomes interim storage of objects momentarily unused and waiting for a better relocation. Another function of the closet is to the pantry. There are all preserved, various boxes, pasta, etc. Having, however a small space must understand how to best organize to optimize space.

A first important thing to do is to divide it into shelves by installing shelves or shelves robust (consider that may need to hold heavy weights). A good rule in the arrangement of objects in the various shelves provides to position in the part, then in the first top shelves, the objects of rarer use as, for example, the covers for the season change. As they proceed with the construction of the shelves below you are entering items that you use frequently. In particular, the central shelves are used for food, and put down objects used with a discrete frequency or the supplies (boxes of salt, sugar, sauce bottles, wine).


In the central shelves, we can predict the inclusion of additional partitions that facilitate the provision of food making save space by stacking. Do not forget to reserve a corner for a vacuum cleaner. I advise you to put it as far forward as possible, maybe in the remaining space between the shelves and the door (or tent) of the closet. However that may be avoided to apply it on a shelf for both convenience and for not put in contact with the food.

As we said at the beginning space is never enough, so if you want to store quilts and blankets in the closet, it would be advisable that you use those bags under vacuum space-saving design that have the dual purpose of reducing the footprint and protect the objects they contain. If you have several bottles of wines I recommend the use of those bottles fates door so as to be able to store in horizontal and one above the other various bottles.