We redid the insulation from AZ, with polyurethane on the foundation and the styrofoam on the exterior walls. Our house was always wet and the evaluator suggested to us to install an air exchanger, since we are very isolated, and he said that it would help to remove moisture. I toured the companies in my area (Abitibi) and nobody is able to advise me. One said that the air exchanger will only circulate the air and not remove moisture, rather I need to install air conditioning and the other says the opposite. We would make a good choice, because given the price of these devices, we will not regret it. ”

Hello Audrey,

Homes built today are much better insulated than houses at the time. Having been re-isolate you back to your point of heat resistance of houses today. It is now mandatory in new construction, to have an air exchange system, and this in order, as the name implies, allow you to change the air in the house. It is used to circulate the air in every room and change the exhaust air by an air cleaner. Therefore, changing the air, moisture is absorbed at the same time.


The humidity of the house is caused by the number of people living in the house and the activity that takes place there. For example, a family of 2 adults and 4 children will definitely create a lot more moisture than a family of two adults without children (number of showers taken, prepared meals, laundry). It is recommended to ventilate the rooms of the house, even in winter, precisely to allow good air circulation. With the installation of an air exchanger, there is a check for moisture. Thus, it becomes easy to manage the level of humidity in the house.

The air conditioner will also allow you to circulate air, but does not have the same role as the air exchanger. The question then your priority. If you want cool, the device will work to cool the house and allow some air circulation in the house, but if your ultimate goal is to properly adjust the humidity in the house, the exchanger air becomes a wise choice.