How you can put together fresh decorations without breaking your wallet.

To decorate a table appealing, does not necessarily have to spend much money. Cheap decorative items are now available everywhere, whether in the craft store, drug store or a discounter. A few new purchases can be combined with already existing objects. , Items from the budget to include you with. For example, a beautiful gravy boat are also times when flower vase, filled a cup as a little Easter basket or a bowl fitted as a mini-pond with water and flowers are.

For small tables: all in miniature

Consider, first, to be covered on the occasion of the table. Have relatively many meals can be accommodated as an Easter brunch, the decoration should not take up too much space. Is the center of the table shows, lay the decorative parts in the vicinity of the plate: A small lantern on the left behind the cover already brings a personal touch and shows the guest that he should have very cozy. Anyone who wants to can create a bloom to it. It need not necessarily be real. Today there are many tasteful artificial flowers, decorated the real thing. They have the advantage that they do not look wilted after a short time. In addition, they can be repeatedly used for other combinations. Fresh flowers can be put in such a high egg cup when you do not have small vases.


Flower bowls and lanterns for the big board

You can have more space available on the table, decorate the center. The objects should not be too high, so that guests can still see each other. Also here are again low candles, lanterns, short-stemmed flowers in matching cups. At Easter time, you simply place a few colored eggs to lose. Always make two to three copies of an object on the table. A group is more effective than a single candle or vase. Lie down for several purposes such decorative items, especially if you discover an interesting offer. Relatively neutral vessels, lanterns and candles, you can always turn it back again. Take candles of good quality, do not produce soot and dripping. Make big candles on the safe side small glass plates, which are not noticeable on visual. Do you have an oblong table, your arrangement may be correspondingly extended. Small vases in a row, in between re-candles or lanterns can be seen from every guest.

Fresh colors in pastel

Select the season, according to new colors for the flowers and candles: yellow, bright green, bright turquoise or pink. Spring Tulips bring humor to the table. Ranunculus are also available in many colors. They are, whether artificial or fresh, good for the table decorations. Strong-smelling plants such as hyacinths are off limits to the table. They would cover up the flavors of the food. In addition, the scent is not for everyone. Do not misuse even vessels from the cupboard and use them as vases: daffodils do very well in a pot of coffee or pink Bellis in a drinking glass with a stem. If you still need some color, you can simply matching napkins under the arrangements. However, you should be solid, so the overall picture is not too busy.

Limited to a few colors

Limit yourself to your decoration on three primary colors, so it is not too colorful. The table decorations will be a small but eye-catching, but does not dominate the whole table. If you use a tablecloth, they should be solid and fit to the objects. Interesting is also a tone-on-tone Jewelry: Combine different bright colors like white candles, white flowers and white-ground napkins together with a small sample. Thus, this compilation stands out better from the background, the tablecloth should be in color or in this case at least have a slight tint. For the Easter eggs to brown variant fit here, maybe even some natural-colored feathers. Play through several versions before you decide on one!