The Vintage Christmas Decorations is perfect for a sophisticated and elegant home, where the details and accessories we carry in a retro perfect for the Christmas season. Let’s see how to choose the Christmas decorations in vintage style to transform our home environment in a personal and original.


To give a vintage touch to our Christmas decorations we seek first of all to redefine the space of our house by adding accessories and vintage furniture making together more harmoniously. We can also prepare some corners of the house, such as the living room and the area of the fireplace, or the input, matching furniture and ornaments retro decorative objects in the same period. We choose only a few elements to be combined with taste and avoid using too many colors and too many items. The shades used must fit the style of our house: for a sober decoration, we use gold, silver and pastel, while a home more contemporary and creative we can play with shades lit up like red or blue.

Finding decorations Vintage Christmas is not easy, especially if we want the original accessories of the time. Let’s first try to find in old trunks in the attic of his grandmother and, if we still have balls and ornaments with more than twenty years will be perfect for our setup. We find, for example the old Christmas balls in glass, fragile and should be handled with care, with particular shapes and lights, especially the classic porcelain figurines. On the internet and in stores that specialize in antiques will be easy to buy vintage pieces also of value. Alternatively, we can look for imitations, safer and more durable than the original, if we prefer to outfit the home with the children.

The vintage Christmas baubles can be hung from the branches of the tree, but we will also reinvent joining them together to form a colorful garland. They will be perfect also inside a crystal, or to apply to the sprigs of pine. The tree next to the fireplace is a classic, enrich the frame of the fireplace with branches and ribbons and have colorful packages under the spruce. In addition to the lights we can use candles to be placed in different parts of the room, taking care not to burn the furniture. For Christmas dinner we use the crockery vintage finely decorated, candles and a centerpiece to match. On the tables and insert some knock-knacks on the shelves (angels, deer, snowman) and maybe a small miniature tree original, resting them on place mats and embroidered centers.