Placement techniques, types of equipment, cleaning and maintenance of this latest innovative technique in decoration

This current proposal as decorative coatings create amazing results indoors and outdoors. His final finishes vary in colors and shapes intensify the results.

Presentation of a glass mosaic

They provide a sense of comfort, luxury and elegance to the space. Repetitive sequences can be chosen in both vertical and horizontal directions. It is a creative way on any wall of the home can turn into personified and modern rooms. Another option is to translate the material that composes personal images over time are unchanged with different decorations making a big visual impact. Kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, pools or exterior walls are the rooms that most often choose for this solution as original decorative.

The formats vary in taste and the image chosen to capture photo or drawing is unique and exclusive. It must be related in size to the surface we want to cover. They come in matte or gloss finish with sizes ranging from 2.5 x 2.5 to 4 x 4 inches. In applications vertical parameters is advised that be translated on the surface. However, when placed on the rear glass mosaic this is protected by it and by a base epoxidia layer which can be installed in both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Media types and materials to install a glass mosaic

The mosaic tiles are achieved, the Romans used to build them in antiquity. They are small cubic pieces and no larger than three centimeters. They are found in materials such as rock, glass or ceramics with different sizes and colors. To achieve better adhesion to the support (wall or floor), must be completely clean of substances such as dust, paint or plaster remains. By the same token, your leveling is very important and when you go to choose the material is recommended bonding adhesive with components containing cement C2 due to the translucency of the glass. The cut can be made from room to room, or using a diamond blade radial.

Ways to gluing a coating vitreous

Once you know the kind of support for attaching the material, you have to choose where to anger the role of the mosaic. The most common sizing systems are:

# Mounted on paper.
# Installed on PVC or mesh.

In both cases, pressing with a rubber float to perfectly adhere it to the surface damp sponge to remove excess cement glue on paper or screen in which anger the coating. Keep in mind that the installation of the product must be in mild weather, no rain or wind. And heat at high temperatures should moisten the substrate during installation. Prior to filling the joints, let dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer of adhesive bonding process.

Materials used for gaskets glassy coating placement

Play an important aesthetic function in the final result and choose the appropriate mortar for this is fundamental. There in the market right products for various installation environments but as general rule is recommended the mortar of joints reactive resins having any of the following characteristics:

# Bacterial resistance to chemicals and abrasion.
# Impermeability.
# High adhesion.

We proceed to extend the material by the mosaic with the help of rubber trowel, filling all joints in depth without gaps. Allow to dry the product to lose surface brightness and to remove any excess with a damp sponge. When completely dry you can clean the surface with a clean dry cloth to remove any dust. For cleaning and daily maintenance is recommended neutral detergents, do not use oils nor any kind of acid.

Install glass mosaics in swimming pools

For coatings on pools is recommended to follow these tips:

# Previously, is advised perform tests of sealings in the glass of the pool and valuing if necessary one of impermeability.
# The pool must be protected for at least 20 days to complete the work of air mishaps like water or rain. It is advisable to maintain a temperature during this period between five and thirty degrees centigrade inside.
# Eliminate all possible waste of disinfectant or the like, prior to the application of tile adhesive to place the pieces that form it.
# In cement-bottomed pools use other adhesion products containing reactive resin or dispersion. Especially in those to be thermal due to the aggressiveness of the substances contained in water.

No doubt the glass mosaics are the latest option to dress the walls, but its installation is more complicated than other alternatives. However, it is a fun solution for various indoor and outdoor decorative environments.