The luxuries of the past are often commodities “essential” for our needs today. This is the case in my closets spacious called also “walk-in”. We all dreamed of having a home, and more and more people will allow this little luxury is by building a home! When I moved into my new home, I did not hesitate to convert the second bedroom storage space that I like to call “my box” or “my closet”!

We love them for their next utility that is both functional and aesthetic. Some households have the space to develop it, while others build their new home accordingly. However, some can not afford it due to space limitations. Do not be in trouble, everyone is entitled to his well thought out storage, as big or as small as it is.

Steps to organize your wardrobe

Rejean Belanger, Director of Sales for more storage, explains the first steps to develop our custom closet. It must first analyze our needs.

# What percentage of space is occupied by the clothing of Madame, and those sir?
# What percentage of long underwear (long dresses, gowns, etc).?
# Are the pants are folded in half on the hanger or hung in length?
# How many pairs of shoes do you have?
# Do we want to store other items (belts, hats, handbags, etc) In the wardrobe?


No matter if it is managed a small or a large wardrobe, one proceeds similarly develop beginning with the poles.

Maximize storage in a small closet

Here’s a little trick to maximize storage in a small closet:

1) Install the first pole to the ground and 84 inches to 12 inches deep. That leaves a foot in height for a shelf where you can store items that are not used often.

2) We installed a second pole and a shelf 42 inches off the ground for short clothes.

Then, when the sections for all the poles are determined, we consider the shelves. Some can accommodate drawers, others remain open to allow a clear view of what is there. Everything depends on the needs, tastes and habits specific to each person. Think how-to and avoid falling into the trap of getting carried away and want to integrate a bunch of gadgets that do not necessarily meet our needs. “People often make the mistake of beginning with the choice of gadgets, which means that ultimately, we have plenty of room for our low, our ties and our purses, but quickly realizes that one does not have enough space for clothes. , “Said Belanger, who advocates the use of specialist services.

Choose a specialist or do it yourself

You can find a range of storage screened in almost all big box stores. Because they are simple to install, you can easily take charge yourself. By cons, we must plan well, be patient and make a specific plan, otherwise, we risk having to make many holes! Quality side, we must be careful and make sure the product is made of epoxy baked, not plastic, because it will tend to yellow and even become sticky with heat. Doing business with a company specializing can be an interesting solution to save time, but invest much more money.

It has a window in our walk-in?

In order not to lose any space, why not install a boot bench under the window? It can serve as storage for clothes and you use it also to sit and put your shoes comfortably. You can also reserve space for the laundry basket or even an island. The important thing is to use every available square feet.


Some prefer soft lighting and others want a more natural. The important thing is to allow enough light sources in order to see the colors of clothing. And why not provide it with a dimmer to adjust at the whim of?

New collection

As you develop your plans, allow plenty of space for storage and be sure to evaluate your plan by a specialist so that you can provide a piece to meet your needs and expectations. For example, it is better to place the door in the center of the wall in order to use two spaces on either side of the door for storage. And the best thing would be to provide a pocket door to allow more room. Switch side, it is easier to have the switch on the wall outside the closet (walk-in). Once the house built and mounted the walls, steps can be taken to plan the necessary hardware.