Wash a chair in leather requires several precautions are essential to avoid damaging the coating. In the market, there are different types of skin, used to line an armchair. Suede has a soft and velvety. The brushed leather, instead, it is shiny and smooth. In this tutorial, we will explain the different methods to properly clean your leather armchair . We also help you to remove stubborn stains, such as grease and ink, using natural methods and economic. Follow the advice given. You will get a guaranteed result.

leather armchair


For the cleaning usual chair in suede, you can just use the vacuum cleaner. Focus on the slots and carefully remove the cushions. Execute the operation with extreme caution, to avoid cutting the skin. For cleansing the skin, create a solution of water and baking soda . Carefully clean the surface of the chair, using a terry towel . In doing so, it ravviverete igienizzerete tissue and hair. As an alternative to baking, you can also use the common vinegar white wine . In addition to revitalize the skin, has high decreasing action.


To clean a leather armchair brushed, melt the Marseille soap in lukewarm water . Pass it on the surface with a cloth wrung out. Rinse thoroughly and dry well. To keep the skin soft and prevent it chap, you have to nurture it.
Use the simple liquid cream for the body. Pour a small amount on a soft cloth and rub over the entire surface of the chair. Wait a couple of hours, so that the cream will absorb.


The skin has a strong absorption power. In case of persistent stains, you should take immediate action to remove them.
To clean traces ink and wine from the chair, you have to deal with the part of the whole milk , slightly warm. Apply it on the area with a cotton ball, and let act. If necessary, repeat the process several times, until free. For coffee, use of the common lemon juice. Gently scrub the stain. Then, rinse with a cloth wrung out. To clean stains of fat and grease , use a tablespoon of ammonia dissolved in water. It ‘a very valid, but may be slightly aggressive. We suggest, therefore, to try it in a hidden corner of the chair, to avoid unpleasant drawbacks .