The person in front of an aquarium fell into the spectacle of this reproduction of a natural aquatic environment and relaxes

Mankind has always needed to be surrounded by other life forms, plants and animals.

The man and nature, a history that dates back to ancient times

All written evidence: the Middle Ages to the present day, the study of nature has played a major role in the lives of humans. The Roman Renart, whose conclusions are full of moral teaching on the action taken against the vicissitudes of life, through Rabelais and Ronsard who revered and were inspired by Diderot and Rousseau which recognize a calming influence for the repose of the soul, we come in our century mechanized, where we need more than ever to find nature, as our world is saturated with noise and other pollution. Water is essential to the survival of nature and its benefits have long been known.

The aquatic environment tamed, it goes back to antiquity

We have seen in our school books but we do not have enough points: the Greeks and Romans were particularly fond of near water. Still no basin without a minimum, and more if possible! The room or yard, where was the pool, was a place of conversation or meditation and rest. Of cold water fish, not colored, animated wave their swimming flexible.


By 1500 the fish become red

These are the Asian begin to make farms and to consider how to color the fish. It is this appearance that the first goldfish arrived in France in 1750, when Madame Pompadour decided to install aquariums in their shows. This was the beginning of the aquarium, reserved for the highest social classes. Only much more recently, the arrival of electricity for all and to discover, still growing, new fish species, this activity sparked passions.

The aquarium, a complete world in itself

Everything is there, the landscape is restored with topsoil, sand, plants, roots, wood and minerals, the whole forming smaller, a setting that could exist in nature. Fish and shellfish to bring life and movement, sometimes exotic, providing evasion that everyone needs today. It is this point that caught the attention of many people and that was causing some surveys and experiments.

The aquarium is a distraction and would be an effective anxiolytic

The five senses including humans has, up to four are solicited by the aquatic world: sight, of course, hearing by the splashing and runoff water, smell as there is always a slight variation in olfactory lift a lid aquarium, touch because we feel pleasure to lay his hand on the glass warm or sometimes even if it is immersed in water, feel the caress of certain fish seek contact. Four out of five senses, is a lot, and it is enough that our attention is fully monopolized. This was understood many doctors, surgeons and various practitioners who have decided to set up an aquarium in their waiting rooms. Their patients come to care then being totally relaxed.

Other businesses or public places such as hairdressers, restaurants, room, hotel lobbies have also made this choice, taking customers much more easily their troubles patiently waiting in case more or less prolonged. In addition to relax, an aquarium is also used to learn by observation and by the following discussion, which is why more and more schools decide to do the installation. In nursing homes or other places of more or less long stays, and brings an aquarium distracted. Residents sharing their impressions, this can help those contained on themselves to communicate.

Individuals aquarists are also discovering the benefits offered by the spectacle of an aquarium

After the joy of installation, decoration and an aquarium stand, there is much left to do to watch it! Indeed a good start with an aquarium balanced population does not require that you put your hands in there very often. Unlike a dog that you walk out, a cat or other animal that can possibly assist us in our travels, even daily, the fish themselves remain in their aquarium. The only way to enjoy it is to move ahead and to observe them. What a pleasure then to relax, forget worries and cares, because by following the gaze we immerse ourselves in their world, we forget everything, and time passes without us realizing it, gently.