Because you have the right space, an accessory that can not miss is the veranda. In the vast majority of cases, is made the ​​using wood of different types, more or less long-lasting. But to ensure that it remains in perfect condition, and therefore hard as possible, we must “treat” with specific products. Let us see some tips on how to waterproof our porch and what is the proper procedure to follow.

If the porch is new, so the wood still raw and untreated, the process to make it fast, you simply lie on every side a coat of paint primer that will serve to isolate the wood from moisture, Once that has dried, We can think of giving a hand colored enamel to our liking. Using this procedure, we have protected the wood from all the elements. Let us keep in mind that the sun can do the exact same damage on the wood that can be made ​​from rain and humidity.


If the porch in question is already mounted, but there has never been given any waterproofing or simply want to renew it, then the method to be adopted is completely different. In this case, we must first remove all the layers of paint present, bringing the wood to its natural state. To make this work we must first use coarse sandpaper , then gradually more and more subtle. The council, however, is to carefully assess the magnitude of the work to be done and, if so, use an electric sander so as to accelerate the process. When all the wood has been properly sanded, let the first coat of primer. Let dry in strict accordance with the time frame specified on the package.

Once the paint is dry, we can decide whether to pass a second hand, this will allow a wider protection of the entire structure. Not even just this past has been dry, we can proceed with the drafting of a colored enamel. Since it must also play a protective operation, as well as purely decorative, we must use a suitable product for wood from the outside. At this point our porch can be considered protected from the elements in an appropriate manner. If we want to leave the natural world without having any hand colored enamel, once spread the stain pass one or more coats of varnish.