Ms. Dubas ask myself the following question: “I have a house built in 1954. Following the rupture of a pipe, the plumber has gone and repaired the pipe that had obviously reached the end of its useful life, leaving her with a gaping hole in the plaster ceiling (as many houses built at that time ). I’d fix it myself on everything, but does not know how to do it. Especially since I would take the opportunity to isolate a little before closing the hole. ” Redo a plaster ceiling is not an easy task and that is why it would be better to close the opening with drywall. It would be important to know the size of the bathroom and the hole in the ceiling to advise you properly.


If the hole is almost all the grandeur of the bathroom, it is desirable to remove what remains of the ceiling and start from scratch it with gypsum. It will be easy to insulate the ceiling with mineral wool before making the repair. If the hole is small compared to the total ceiling area and you do not want close this part, you can still use drywall but you must first make sure you have cut the plaster straight up until the middle of each joist on both sides to have sufficient support when it comes time to fix the drywall. By cons, if you want to isolate, it will be more complicated that way. It does all you have to spackle and paint, and the work is completed.