Let’s focus on the decorator experienced and trained to accompany decoration projects.

The coach: a companion rather than a decorator

decorated coach in charge of decorating is not for you, but works on the rules of coaching : your living questions, listen to your expectations and defining your project. This kind of coach is there to guide you and help you make your project based on his experience as a decorator, but not to take care of all your home decor. Important: Most of these professionals are available to help. Thus relive their moments as decorators.

Why can it be interesting?

There are many people who do not know their tastes in decoration and are influenced by fashion and television programs. Coaches in decoration agree that the most important thing is to get our own place to live free from the dictates of fashion . Whether you like the retro and contemporary lines or Flemish, the coach should help you make decisions and you reconciled to your home. If you know exactly what you like, he will explain the basic rules that you must follow to successfully get the decoration: harmony, right choice of colors and materials, and use of space.


How much it costs

these professional fees are free, there is no regulation whatsoever, and often seems inaccessible, especially when left by the lights illuminate. However, pursuing them is a smart way to avoid mistakes or wrong beginnings can we conceive a significant cost. In addition, you will gain time. It is also clear that it is not useful to hire one of them if you want to do work that is very simple.
Important: The coach service in decor and hourly rate ranges from 50-150 €, but there are also many elevation . There is no body to regulate the profession. So you have to watch with people unprofessional and unscrupulous who “work” in this area. So think carefully before deciding which professional to hire.