Questions To Ask Yourself

Do you often have guests for dinner? How many are you normally? Have big family and always a huge recurrís extending table? How much space you have in the classroom? What kind of atmosphere you want to give your evening: sharing, intimacy or formality? What budget have? When you respond to these responses more accurately know what your needs are.

Round, oval, rectangular, square what is the best?

It depends on your habits. Families with many members tend to choose large tables and round or oval but with extensions at the center or folding wings for all to see and create a sense of coexistence.
Young couples prefer square tables and simple to recycle and placed in another room when increasing the family or when the budget allows. Rectangular tables , looking often more rigid, are advisable if you have visitors, especially working with those who have to maintain a certain protocol. Beyond these considerations.

The coffee table is another decorative element of the interior. It is true that should be functional but also beautiful. And as it’s all a matter of taste: the table with rustic colors will brighten the room while the design add style to the interior. Think also of the tables that carry accessories such as to circulate the dishes, there are tables with turntables . To avoid going back and forth to the kitchen and “abandon” the guests constantly choose a table with room for dishes. Also, do not have to get up for coverage if the table has a drawer for cutlery only .


Where to place?

Make no mistake, it is best to have enough space to put it in the middle of the room, right under a huge lamp with the most varied forms: tears, crescents, octagonal, etc. However there are many families living in increasingly smaller spaces. Do not worry because today there are coffee tables or consoles simple convertible into tables that can accommodate up to six people. And do not forget the book tables, that will double the carrying capacity while being compact and functional. When the folds of the wings fold a corner to the table to the wall. Put a nice tablecloth, lamp and go! What about chairs? Traders usually always sell the table with matching chairs. But the combinations are almost never successful. Invents and develops partnerships that give prominence artful to the table. For example, your old upholstered chairs that are in fashion textiles and put them on a drawing board. You can also paint. Dare and customize.