“Go play outside, it’s nice! “How many times have we heard this phrase in our ears of children. Today, it is I who repeats to my daughters. The court is certainly an area to exploit in order to transform part in outdoor games room. If you read and apply the following, your children will have no reason to stay inside! I closed my eyes and I started in the skin of my children. How do we imagine the court of our dreams when we have 2, 3, 5 or 8 years? It’s amazing how ideas arise quickly when there is no compulsion. No monetary constraint, or forced development, and even less clothing.

Just ideas that make me see the eyes of astonished children face this playground built just for them. Here’s what I saw in my head: To replace the traditional game module, I imagined a pirate ship made ​​of wood with a true matte. The boat has two floors with a secret hiding underneath to hide treasures. There is even a telescope and a ladder to climb up and see. Or it could be a fire station or a train with several cars. Why a sandbox should always be square? Why not a sandbox star-shaped? Or a sand table, elevated for less bending. I imagined that my parents gave me the cottage all to myself, to turn it into a shelter. Of course, them, they have a garage for storing garden tools and bicycles.


In my cabin, I install a hammock to read or rest, a table and benches for playing games on days of rain. An interior wall of the shed is painted with blackboard paint, so I can draw on the wall and enter everything I want. I thought my bath outside! Yes, yes, why not? My dad could retrieve an old bathroom or a large metal tray and place on a small wooden podium. I imagine taking a bath with foam, outside under the stars, one summer evening, enjoying the Big Dipper! Or I could use it to refresh myself when the sun is in full swing. I also designed a house to look like a beautiful Victorian with a balcony all around: candy colors, window shutters, boxes flowering, clothesline and letterbox are elements that I would find outside my house.

Inside, there would be a kitchenette, a table, a bed for my doll and, if space allows, a small bed for me. A real miniature house. If I wanted I could also give him the look of a shop: a small general store, a candy store, a nice restaurant, a small school, a veterinary clinic or a booth of fruits and vegetables. – For great athletes, and if the land is large enough, we could create a real race track that runs around trees: this is great for soap boxes or carts. Or why not build a climbing wall for fun to climb to the sky! Or a small soccer field to play the summer with friends, which is converted into a skating rink to play hockey in winter. I also thought about building a fish pond, with the help of my parents . It would be just like an aquarium in the wilderness, I could take care of my fish and feed them every day. Another idea came to me: gaming giant, like a game of tic-tac-toe or still a great game of hopscotch. It’s easy, just a few boards and exterior painting. These games are ideal to host giant family celebrations and friends. And if these ideas were realized? I bet we would have much less often repeat: “Go play outside, it’s nice! ”