By definition, we say that a brace is an artificial device to support a part of his body, so that mobility can be found in this section. The question can begin to be asked is to know what exactly is an orthopedic appliance, and what are the reasons why a person may be taken to wear a device like this. Must at the very beginning know that in the field of medicine, orthopedics specialty terms refers to the branch of medicine whose main task is to diagnose and treat problems related to deformation and skeletal malformations. This means that an orthopedist who is a specialist in one go when they have various problems such as fractures, sprains, dislocations, and even disability due to amputation of a body part . What need is there has to be an orthopedic specialist in a hospital?


In general, we know that the human body is very fragile. Even if you have an individual who is a bodybuilder, it sometimes takes is a sharp fall for that attends disaster. In sport, in the activities of daily life and even in his own work at the office, we are not immune to accidents. And it is precisely these accidents coming skeletal deformities, which then forced to wear a brace. Orthopedic appliances can be placed at various locations on the body, and very specifically on areas that require correction form. For example, if a football player breaks leg in contact with an opponent, first aid will be to diagnose the trouble and set an orthopedic device to the right place of the fracture. Not only this device can hold the patient closes without moving parts, but it also helps to facilitate the correction of the deformity. Because without it, the broken limb could then be severely damaged.

In developed countries, Canada, Europe and Asia, we realize that the paramedics who work daily to provide assistance to injured persons are trained in the field of orthopedics. Indeed, when paramedics were called to respond to a traffic accident, for example, a reflex that they usually have is to rough out the cars and their place a brace around his neck. Because in fact, you should always maintain the fixed cost to avoid any aggravation of the evil. So we see that in the big cities, accident victims and make them wear these devices around the neck, around the ankles, around the wrists, and sometimes around a finger that has undergone a purple shock and is distorted. It is among the orthopedic specialists found as prostheses for people with disabilities in the legs.

In the latter, the orthopedic prosthesis offers will now play the role of a member that has been amputated. If in underdeveloped countries it is sometimes rare to find an orthopedic doctor, it should be noted, however, that it is possible to see people with orthopedic appliances on the body. But it is in the northern countries, these specialists are the most abundant, and most seriously consulted. They are not only useful for athletes, but generally work for the well-being of the entire population. Thus, regardless of the accident that was saved, injured receive at least a brace, even if it is only for a few days. Must conclude by saying that we can put preventive or curative.