And one of the most common accidents in the home : it can be caused by a forgotten pot on the fire, a cigarette badly off, short circuit of an appliance, a boiler, a fireplace or stove. And ‘the fire is left as frequent as dangerous, both for the direct effects of the flames, as well as for the indirect ones of smoke and soot . Indeed, it may take a few seconds to reach the flash over , the moment in which everything that can burn, burn. For this reason it is essential exit from the building in flames as quickly as possible , trying to stay calm. To traverse an environment invaded by smoke then it is advisable to cover his face with a wet cloth, to protect the eyes and nose from harmful particles and go on all fours : remember to never use the elevator! Finally, it is extremely dangerous to try to shut yourself a fire , mainly due to the abundant presence of contaminants very harmful and dangerous. We see, therefore, how to behave after a fire.


Once the fire was extinguished in fact, the danger is still very high, in addition to any often not always immediately visible, structural damage, smoke, soot and ash creates an unhealthy environment. After a thorough ventilation, contrary to what one normally thinks, you must close the rooms, not ventilate and take care to remove any sniffer to decrease the oxidation process of the furnishings. It is also not recommended extracting dust and soot with a normal household vacuum cleaner, because this procedure would call again in a circle dusts.

Is a top ten of useful advice: if after a fire you feel unwell, seek immediate 118; enter the premises affected by the fire after they have been cooled and ventilated, and never without a mask filtering face piece; dwell on less possible in areas affected by fire, in order to avoid the transfer of dust and soot, and avoid staying overnight in a building damaged by fire; recover from his home only the bare essentials: a few clothes, life-saving medicines, documents and valuables.

Clothes, toys, ornaments and furniture should be cleaned up using manual decontamination and deodorization enzymatic throw all food not sealed, and before you leave, close the door and close the counters of water, electricity and gas, if you are insured, warn their own insurance; provide to contact a company that specializes in post-fire remediation methodology through ice blasting : it is, in fact, a method of cleaning extremely effective, safe and environmentally friendly, which is made ​​with solid carbon dioxide unless seventy-nine degrees Celsius.