Sometimes, our most important appliances break down on us after years of wear and tear. If your fridge breaks down at an inopportune time – perhaps during a heatwave – don’t panic.

Ironically, the best thing to do is to try and keep calm and stay cool, while being proactive about the situation and calling refrigerator repair experts as soon as possible. Even if you think you’re capable of fixing the problem on your own, this isn’t a particularly feasible strategy, given that your refrigerator is a vital appliance used each and every day.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential to call in an expert, lest the same problem reoccurs throughout your kitchen career. However, there are a few things you ought to do on your own while you wait for the specialists to arrive at your doorstep.

Refrigerator Breaks Down

  1. Be Sure To Keep The Fridge And Freezer Doors Closed

 Keeping everything sealed tight for as long as possible will ensure the longevity of the food contained. However, if you have foods on hand that are particularly prone to spoiling, you might want to look into some alternative methods of preservation.

  1. Figure Out What To Do With The Food

 If you have the privilege of owning a second fridge or a basement freezer, now might be the time to transport materials from one fridge to the other. Depending on the nature of the problem, an empty fridge might make things easier for the repair person. If you have a cooler with some ice or ice packs on hand, be sure to sort through your fridge as quickly as possible to remove the items that will go bad the quickest – poultry and meat, for example, should be cared for to the best of your ability. When in doubt, throw it out, or just toss it in the cooler and hope for the best if you’re reluctant to waste food.

  1. Survey The Area

Because the freezer can thaw quite quickly, be sure that the area surrounding your refrigerator is clean and free of hazards. If you are awaiting repairs, mop the floor if there is residue or water from any melting or melted items; it’s important to keep the kitchen safe and free of hazards.

  1. Trust Your Repair Technician

 Being proactive means having done research well-advance of the malfunction – it’s important to always have emergency repairs on the horizon of your daily activities, such that you’ve the phone number or email of a trusted company ready to go at a given moment. This also means that you know what you’re getting into and that the estimated prices are trustworthy so you don’t have to second-guess the services you’re receiving.

If you follow these tips, a temporarily broken refrigerator shouldn’t be too detrimental of a situation. Before you know it, your repair expert will have worked their magic and it will be business as usual in your kitchen.