Are not you the type to collect the dishes from different collections? Do we not offered dishes that is not to your liking? Consider these small ensembles for breakfast! Gifts, which are also fun, but come to fill our kitchen cabinets? Besides utensils, of course ware, overflowing drawers? We buy, we keep it piled up and left to sleep little treasures that sometimes can be kitsch or simply decorative. If you recognize yourself, then follow this little guide of things mismatched marriage. Before disposing of some of these odd collections, it is good to throw on them a second look.

We can get some items to create a single collection, but how much more original! This will set the table for quite unprecedented. Another option: decorate our walls. You should always follow certain principles. Respect certain principles The golden rule is to create a link, links between these different items. By color, shape, style, etc. Whatever the style desired, let us bold and inventive. It is through this research unit that operates with happiness.


1. The wedding colors: Consider the colors of the room must be found in the selected objects: dishes, fabric (cloth). On the table, there can be many colors on each covered only colors in the room.

2. The combination forms: the shape or style dishes that are found on the same cover can vary: Round with square, traditional plate and more ornate trim. Example: a very simple dish is overlapped by a more ornate old-style, which has the effect of giving a personal touch to the table.

3. The recall of references: is good to have a reminder with the utensils in style. For example, a reminder of old-style, which refers to plates.

4. Emphasize the links frankly: Now the tablecloth or place mats should bind the whole, either by color or style reasons. If we choose a tablecloth colors and rustic giving reasons some relief, it is appropriate to arrange different solid colors for the plates in order not to overload the table.

The choice of a tablecloth or place mats to choose solid color would require patterned plates. Finally, the same treatment is reserved for our walls for odd objects! Antiquated objects, rustic frames and colored plates! Result: we have before us a beautiful composition, thoughtful, eclectic objects. finish with a very strong trend today contrasts play, because what may be regarded as being in bad taste becomes, with a little math scholar, a pure creation decorative. We talk about trend bazaar, or kitsch. In other words, let’s have fun. There is nothing fixed in decoration. team Decorate your life.