Giving life to a garden that beautify your home or welcome in a suitable manner , according to what are the needs of the owners and their habits, it is not the result of chance , but of study and experience. E ‘need to have a clear idea of what you want and that you want to achieve. When designing a garden, nothing is left to chance, everything is the result of art will know how to mix and place in a harmonious way so many elements , in addition to plants . Taking into account the geographical location of the land must then adapt the right plants according to their needs for light and shadow .

A beautiful and well done is not necessarily expensive. One very important thing is to take into account the climate of the area. It ‘obvious that trying to survive a Mediterranean plant in a garden in Northern Italy, is a tall order, as well as costly. At the same time, it is not logical to plant a garden in the far South of plants typical of mountain vegetation. With the hot summer sun, are unlikely to resist. But if we limit our choice of plants that have natural features to adapt to a certain environment set off on the right foot.


Consider those who are the main atmospheric factors such as heat, cold and wind. Take into account whether the area is prone to sudden changes in temperature or frost. The first element from which it is certainly the hedge. Rate the plant that is best suited asking advice in a specialized garden. Consider especially his need of water. The hedge in fact, need special care. You can not risk to kill even one of the plants that make it up because you overestimate with a nice hole. Instead you must be able to make it grow harmoniously treating it with the right pruning. Only in this way will keep your green wall perfect. If your water availability is not great, or the summer temperatures are high and the environment is suffering drought directs your choice of plants “drink” a little, because yes you can water them regularly, but never grow to the fullest.

Once positioned the hedge you have to decide what to show and what we hide the eye Starting from this assumption places shrubs and bushes there where you want to hide or simply where you think that there is nothing that is worth noting Leave space instead wander the beautiful areas to look at how it can be, for example, a pond, a glimpse particular, a rock garden, the angle of herbs or maybe a nice red brick wall Place if anything, the plants very low, without affecting the natural beauty of the elements Enrich the pergolas with climbing plants, roses maybe, if the position allows you to do If you have any doubts always ask an experienced gardener before buying plants and trusted Needless to place him that will never grow well because the wrong place.