The column oven has become a standard in kitchens and success is primarily due to safety, in fact, its high position, it avoids the risk of burns for children and for people who handle it as it was decided to make it happen with a double protection glass and especially thermal, therefore able to not overheat excessively, remaining at a temperature such that even placing a hand there burns. We see them when you decide to build or buy a modular kitchen, where to place the column oven.

The advantages of the column oven are not only the ones listed above and referring to safety, but also related to the functionality in that they allow to be able to view the cooking in the most convenient and the additional features in the models are those superior self-cleaning, a factor not negligible for the purpose of cleaning itself, longevity and aesthetics let’s face it.


This type of furnace, however, may have trouble when there is not enough space in the kitchen with compact kitchenette. For this reason, manufacturers have created products that can meet any requirement, thus making it easy to place and without obstacles. The column oven can in fact be installed encased in a kitchen mono-bloc precisely to the center of the wall units that have on one side the kitchen and the sink, the other the refrigerator with drawer and wall units and base myself in the washing machine or dishwasher.

Everything from the aesthetic point of view, with the appliances at the wall units or disappearance is truly an innovation in its genre. If the furniture wall units are preferred for reasons of space, to move peninsula or separated from each other, the column oven can have a cabinet for all if maybe that develops in height with a compartment in part to guard high pots and in the lower part a multifunctional drawer. Many people are afraid to place the column oven next to the fridge because they fear that the oven may overheat the fridge, but in reality this is impossible considering that the two appliances are separated by a thickness of more than 4 cm. This type is more or less similar to the classic oven which is also located in the middle of a fitted kitchen and has never created problems of overheating, so absolute positioning both columns ( oven and fridge ) side by side is the best solution.