Teams waiting consume between 5 and 15% of the electricity of a house. Beware of the red light of televisions, set-top boxes and printers.

You see the red light and it seems that the TV was off. And it is, but still consumes energy. Why? Mode because it is in standby , waiting to receive orders and, therefore, consuming electricity. The same goes for channel decoders, video game consoles, printers, and other equipment. It is estimated that consumption in standby accounts for between 5 and 15% of the total house.

Added to this are the computers connected to a transformer, such as cordless phone, modem or the most unnecessary of all cell phone charger, which often remain connected for months with actual use of a few hours a week . That is, savings in electricity bill and protection of natural resources (water, coal, fuel) from which electricity is generated: these are the two reasons, economic and environmental , of why you should turn off appliances standby .


Avoiding spending on standby

A pioneer in promoting the reduction of energy expenditure by mode standby , the International Energy Agency (IEA) proposed a plan for years to induce manufacturers to offer devices with standby power consumption below one watt. However, as indicated by this international association, from the home can do much to reduce that 10-15% of energy expenditure:

1. Unplug the TV and other devices in mode standby when no one at home, especially on vacation.
2. Grouping the outlet of several teams in a shoe or power strip switch. Just do not overdo it can cause problems with the domestic circuit.
3. If not used, unplug equipment connected to transformers. Special attention cell charger.

Functional teams saving standby

The Ministry of Federal Planning in Argentina, the body responsible for regulating the energy sector of that country, says the savings-functional teams on stand-by are very effective when it comes to saving electricity. There are also scavengers standby , intervening between the outlet and the equipment to reduce consumption. As explained in the science and technology blog known Microserfs , these devices measure the power consumed by appliances when they are on the decline and detect when they come in stand-by . Basically, cut the flow of electricity and turn off completely.

Several models of this type. One is the award-winning Intelligent Standby Energy Saver, whose artificial intelligence algorithms based on analyzes consumption in standby and off automatically, in the case of TVs, monitors or computers. Turn off what is not used or using special equipment. That’s the secret to saving energy mode standby .