Building a concrete driveway isn’t a difficult thing to do, and with a little planning and forethought, one can come up with a doable plan to renovate the drive. The first thing one needs to consider is the materials, tools, and equipment needed to complete the job, so let’s have a look at the list of essential things one needs to lay a drive.

A plan

First and foremost, one must know what materials are going to be used, how it will be finished, what will be required, and who will do the work. For a concrete driveway, there must be steel reinforcing mesh, as the concrete alone does not possess the tensile abilities, and the steel mesh provides that. The plan should include the following,

  • The materials and quantities required
  • The total cost of the project
  • The tools and resources needed



Certainly one would need a plasterer’s aluminium straight edge, and also a trowel or three, if you expect to have the surface finished by nightfall. Shovels and spades should be handy, as there is always cleaning up to do, and one might want to have a spirit level, just to be sure.

A solid foundation

The old drive surface would have to be removed, and that can be done by hiring a mini-excavator for a few hours. They have attachments that can break up concrete, tiles, and asphalt, making light work of an average sized driveway. One cannot pour six inches of concrete onto a soft surface, so after digging out adequate depth, a layer of broken bricks, mixed with sand or pebbles should be evenly spread over the entire area. If this can be rolled, that’s great, if not, try to walk on it as much as possible, because you want any subsistence to happen now, before the concrete is set.

Reinforcing steel

Essential, if one wants the drive to remain intact for more than a few months. If the drive in question happens to be somewhere in Australia, steel reinforcing mesh by Best Bar is the ideal solution. Just contact them and give them your specifications, and they will be happy to deliver to the site. With depots nationwide, they are Australia’s leaders in steel reinforcing.

The concrete

Of course, the concrete must be ready when it is required, and with modern concrete suppliers, this isn’t a problem. The ready mixed concrete will be expertly poured by the driver, and don’t forget to lay the steel reinforcement first. There are online suppliers of ready mixed concrete, and they will deliver any amount at short notice. There is a range of concrete types, so consider which is more suitable for the drive.

Some self-confidence

Tackling a job of this size might seem a bit daunting to some, but with the right equipment and tools, the drive can take on a new identity, and become the showcase of the property, and all for a very low IDY price.