With the nights drawing in and winter just around the corner, we all want a cosy and warm home, though would like to avoid the large energy bills to go with it.

However, if there is one way to help make your home feel warmer and cosier it is by installing double glazing. Getting new windows fitted will not only make your home feel warmer but will also cut the amount homeowners spend on energy bills, as well as providing a number of other benefits.

Reducing energy bills

A quarter of your homes’ heat can be lost through the house’s doors and windows. This means that simply by fitting energy efficient windows you can reduce the amount of heat that is lost from your home, which will make your heating more efficient and will result in a reduction on your energy bill.

In fact, the Energy Savings Trust estimates that just by upgrading from single glazed windows to energy efficient double glazed units could save as much as £165 on a yearly energy bill, so the costs of installation will begin to recuperate themselves within the first year.

What’s more, double glazed units also reduce down the number of draughts in the home. This means that it will feel more comfortable without that irritating chill coming from the windows.


With the nights getting darker it is also vital to consider the security of your home. Research shows that the number of burglaries increase when the clocks go back and the cover of darkness provided by the winter months can be a benefit to thieves. Single glazed windows provide little security as they only have one pain of glass that can be broken easily whereas double glazed units come with toughened glass so damage to the outside pain is unlikely to spread to the second pain.

What’s more, most double glazed windows have hinge bolts fitted so the hinge side is just as secure as the lock. The locks that are fitted as standard have anti-snap cylinders and guards making them incredibly secure, which help to stop thieves in their tracks. The unit’s themselves are internally beaded, which means that the glass is held from the inside, so are far more secure adding even more peace of mind.


When the weather is rainy and cold nobody wants to spend hours and hours outside maintaining their windows. However, double glazed units are virtually maintenance free. Unlike wooden windows there is no need to paint and treat your windows or deal with things like rot or damage. Instead, UPVC simply needs washing down every now and again; saving hours of maintenance in the cold.

Double glazing can help when you sell your home

If you do decide to sell your home on then double glazing can help make the difference between your home selling for a good price and sitting on the market for ages. Most buyers don’t want the hassle of maintaining wooden windows so would expect to see maintenance free double glazed windows.

If you decide that you want new windows before winter sets in, Coral Windows can take the stress out of getting them fitted – call into one of our showrooms for a quote today or visit us online at www.coralwindows.co.uk.