If you’re the owner of a family antique that’s looking a little worn and battered, take a close look at your refinishing options, as not all techniques or refinishers are the same. Experts agree that if you have a factory-made piece of furniture made between the 1850s and the 1960s, you have a great candidate for refinishing, but any handcrafted, solid wood furniture can be refinished by the right professional. The right craftsman will have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to easily restore your piece to its former glory, or breathe new life into it with fresh paint that will match your contemporary decor.

One of the main benefits of getting your furniture refinished by a craftsman is that you will get superior quality, as these professionals have a unique set of skills focused on building and maintaining quality items with an eye for durability. As a result, you will be able to not only restore your beloved heirloom, but make it even better. If you go to the right custom wood furniture store in Toronto, like Woodcraft, you can find a number of different services for restoring old dining tables, desks, cabinets, wardrobes, chairs, and more.


Before taking it in, consider some of your options: you can restore, update, fix, and even move the colour from dark to light with the right professional. A restoration will take into consideration the traditional techniques used by the piece’s makers and restore it to its original colour, whereas an update may involve a new colour that will fit a more contemporary look, such as New York black or gunshot walnut. Both involve stripping away the old finish first, but you should find craftsmen like those at Woodcraft who follow the traditional technique of stripping by hand. Newer techniques involving dipping and soaking can dry out wood, ruin veneers, and damage joints, and it is best to avoid them.

One of the benefits you receive from an upgraded look is the ability to make a statement in your home without getting rid of a cherished heirloom. A new paint job will make the piece shine and stand out, whether it’s for your own satisfaction or for impressing family and friends when you entertain. By having furniture that stands out, you will be able to make your home more attractive as well as making your living space better to live in. Whenever you are looking to refinish your antique furniture, you will always be better off when you use the services of an experienced craftsman who has specialized in building and refinishing solid wood furniture for decades. Whether you’re looking to buy, restore, upgrade, or have a piece custom built, you should consider your furniture options at Woodcraft.ca.

While certain mass-produced items may be suitable for your college student who is guaranteed to damage it somehow, a family heirloom is meant to be passed down from generation to generation. If you are the proud owner of an older table or desk, take care of it and restore it to its former glory. If not, why not think about beginning a tradition in your family with a piece that’s worth taking care of. While some have observed that heirlooms are disappearing, a quality desk or table can be both practical and carry sentimental value, and serve a purpose beyond storing memories. Talk to an experienced craftsman today about building or restoring that heirloom piece.