You can save by wooden headboards recycled, inventing their own designs, and finished at home purchased or acquired “outlets”.

Wood always brings warmth to the decor of a space. They will also headboards of this material, however, not always are cheap. Starting from simple materials and use your imagination there is no need to go to a furniture store to get the ideal case. As usual in decoration, the first step is to take action. We must consider the width of the base and add at least two inches on each side, that will prevent the headboard give tightness when we visited the bed, especially in winter, with voluminous clothes hide those extra inches. They must be anchored (hanging or flat on the floor) to the wall.

Headboard made from an old door

If we are lucky to have or get a door with old value, or at least, with the beauty of some examples of auction, we can use it as a headboard for a double bed. These doors, restored and adapted, can be used in both urban and rustic decorations. Will supplements (from bedside tables to lamps) that define that character. If they are too large will be cut to get the measure or observe its size by incorporating, for example, some shelves that serve as tables and some light fixtures, whose cables are easily hidden behind the headboard.


Headboard made of wooden slats

Make a bed headboard with wooden slats is simple and very cheap. The result also gives a sense of order. The horizontal slats give a feeling of greater width to the wall. The greater the height of the headrest (more strips) the lower feeling. And if you opt for the most original idea to mount vertically, the impression of height will be higher, as the narrowness of the wall. To make this headboard made of wood, we will take action first and then build a framework of adequate size to bed. For double beds, will have to put a ribbon in the center (vertical or horizontal, depending on the design chosen) to prevent deformity and cimbrel. On this frame are nailed or screwed slats (wider or narrower). Termination may be painted or varnished, according to the rest of the decoration. Another example of this type is that of a headboard made ​​from a wooden pallet industry, original or by removing the bottom, so that we obtain directly the slatted headboard.

Headboard made of a wooden board

Another good choice is to buy a wooden board to the desired size and framed with molding. If the board is of a quality wood can enhance their beauty with a varnish that will highlight the grain. If you opt for a cheaper solution may be the DM board or plywood. The range of finishes is thus broader: painted in different colors, aged, finished with decorative paint details freehand or stenciled motifs with patina or glaze, upholstered or fabric covering, wallpaper or used as a basis for framing a picture or photo, are examples. In this case, it is possible to give some form to the board. Rounded edges, arch or pointed. For infant beds headboards boards can be made with a silhouetted form (with template and cut with a jigsaw) as a daisy, the front of a car or an animal simple, depending on the skill of the author.

Buy a wooden headboard in crude

In the market there are numerous models of headboards in wood oil , which are more elaborate than can be done at home by yourself. In this case, the pieces are usually accompanied in the catalog for other occasional furniture like tables, dressers and mirrors. To finish, you can also choose the varnish or paint.

A simple wooden frieze as a headboard

Place a wooden frieze does not require much skill and has a very attractive decorative effect. There are different heights and different finishes: raw wood, varnished, painted, including melamine, which allow cleaning with soap and water. Can be placed using the width of the base wall and light fixtures (also hidden cables) or just to the extent of the bed frames. The technique is screwed to the wall rails, and place them dovetailed slats that make up the frieze.

Buy wooden headboards

# The option to purchase furniture not be ruled out. There are times of the year in which the discounts allow access to different offers. At the outlets, which offer for sale or discontinued pieces from previous seasons, it is also easy to get quality parts at good prices.
# Auctions rakes and wooden headboards shelter, with a minimum of restoration, they can do really well in the bedroom, while providing the added value that will give years.
Antiques : is the most expensive option, but sometimes the lure of investing in a piece certified and may offset centuries behind the money you pay for it. Period furniture of all types (English, French and gustavianos from different eras) and doors of old palaces, for example, will eventually a main component in our decor.