Why a wooden house?

First, because it is organic. Wood is a natural organic matter that brings a sense of wellbeing , a homely and pleasant. The wood absorbs CO ² and removes oxygen, its production consumes four times less energy than concrete and sixty less than steel. Reasons abound.

Is it solid?

course. So there are countries with extreme weather conditions, such as Scandinavia, where people live in wooden houses. This is a solid material with an exceptional lifetime, especially thanks to the treatments and insecticides against fungi. ? ensures good thermal insulation and noise level? Wood insulates twelve times more than concrete. And on average between 20-30% saving in heating. In addition, isolation is also hygrothermal, it absorbs and releases moisture. As for the sound insulation is also interesting if the thickness of the walls is suitable.



There are woods that are naturally rot (acacia or larch), in other cases it will require specific treatment (spruce, Scots pine and Douglas fir). Some species lose original honey color as time passes to become gray. To avoid this you can apply special coatings or paints every ten years and keep the golden. Where is the fire in? Contrary to what we usually think, slowly turns wood: ten times slower than the concrete and two hundred less than steel. In addition there is a fairly strict rules: in private homes requires a fire resistance of at least fifteen minutes.

Are they expensive?

Now much more. This type of construction companies specializing evolve and become more numerous. Furthermore, most of the elements are prefabricated wooden houses are made ​​so rapidly. It’s like a game of construction is involved. Different construction techniques with wood structure: construction consists of wooden beams every 60 cm between which is placed the insulation. This technique requires that the walls are manufactured in the workshop. It is the most widespread and less expensive. In less than six months can mount a building of this type. stacked solid wood: the walls are solid wood and assembled by overlapping rectangular timber to finish, a smooth or logs for a more rustic whips. This is the most used in cold and mountainous areas. With solid wood panels with cast films: One of the latest techniques and, therefore, less widespread. These combine the above two methods and their respective benefits.