Woodwork projects in the home can be exciting ventures for those looking for a new hobby, as well as for those looking for DIY methods to renovate their home and repair their home’s furniture. When focusing on woodwork projects, however, there are a number of tools that you should invest in, in order to make your projects go smoothly.

woodwork projects

1.    The Right Screws

Screws are needed during woodwork projects in order to fix wood to walls, the ground, and to connect pieces of wood together in order to create furniture, for instance. Screws are also needed for outdoor projects such as decking, where they will need to be more durable in order to combat increased moisture and damaging weather conditions. Trade Fix have a number of decking and landscape screws available that are ideal for outdoor woodworking projects.

2.    Chisels

Chisels are extremely important pieces of equipment for those that are performing woodworking jobs by hand, as they allow you to get the precision needed. Chisels are used in creating holes for joinery, dovetails, and tendons, as well as for removing waste from wood products.

3.    Power Drills

Although power drills may not be traditionally associated with woodwork, power drills are perfect for larger woodworking projects as they allow you to make holes in the wood for screws and joins quickly, without the need to do this by hand. Some power drills are more suited to wood, however, and there are many different types, such as wire-free versions.

4.    Sanders

Sanders are needed in woodwork to get the high-quality finish that you will desire on home furniture items and flooring, especially in order to reduce the chance of splinters and other dangerous elements. Hand-held sanders allow you to get the precision and control necessary for home refurbishment jobs, and you should look into random orbital sanders, which allow you to sand your floor regardless of grain direction.

5.    Utility Knife

The basic tool of all contractors and woodworkers, the utility knife is the must-have tool for those looking at woodwork. Although utility knives do not have a single use for those interested in woodwork, they can be used for a variety of important projects such as cutting drywall.

6.    Different Types of Saws

Saws are one of the most important tools for home woodwork as they allow you to cut through wood in order to get the size that you want, making saws vital when creating or refurbishing furniture. However, there are many different types of saws that you may need, with crosscut saws allowing you to cut in the opposite direction to wood grain, rip saws for cutting with the grain, Japanese saws which have a different tooth direction that allows you to cut on the pull, and circular saws, which give you greater control over the depth of the blade.

7.    Spirit Levels

For those investing in DIY jobs, spirit levels are important, especially when fitting shelves and other cabinets which must be at a certain angle and level in order to hold objects and look stylish. These help you to check that your shelves have been installed at the right angle, and that they are completely straight.